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Beautiful furniture is something that gives a royal look to your room with its pleasing aesthetics. 

Dining room furniture bench do not only enhance the beauty of your dining room but are also useful in your daily routine of dining.

Adding a bench with your dining table means it is going to accommodate more people than a table with mere chairs does.

It is more economical and a great advantage for small homes or a dining room with limited space.

So, if you are a big family or you arrange get-together every other weekend, a furniture bench is a must-have for you.

A dining room  bench is not just limited to the dining table; you can use it anywhere in your room when needed to provide extra seating room for everyone.

Although dining benches are an essential part of your dining room, but have, you ever tried placing your dining table and bench-set in your garden.

That is something you must try to enhance the look of your garden, and I am sure you will love to enjoy a nice cup of tea with your partner in romantic weather. A little change is always good!

Dining Bench Products Comparison Table

Product Name





​Signature Design by Ashley Tripton Dining Room Bench, Graphite

Signature Design by Ashley

counter height dining bench

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Moriville Counter Height Dining Room Bench

Signature Design by Ashley

upholstered dining bench

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tyler Creek Upholstered Dining Room Bench - Two-Tone - Textured Antique Black Finish

Signature Design by Ashley

dining bench with two benches

HOMURY 3 Piece Dining Table Set Breakfast Nook Dining Table with Two Benches,Industrial Brown


natural bench

Signature Design by Ashley Sommerford 65" Dining Room Bench

Signature Design by Ashley

Dining Bench Product Reviews & Descriptions


Signature Design by Ashley Tripton Dining Room Bench, Graphite

We often spend pretty much time when having dinner at home, so having a dining bench that will support your back and save space at the same time is perfect.

This dining bench made of wood and cushion seat foam is to provide you with cozy.

This product built to suit any new trends. This bench has a gray hue finish and is perfect for your kitchen and dining.

Product Dimension: 79" W x 26.5" D x 35" H

Comfort: it has a comfortable cushion seat and durable linen-weave fabric to make it soft.

Sturdiness: the leg of the bench built with solid wood that makes it very sturdy.

Assembly Required: This includes easy-to-follow instructions and hardware to make it easy.



Value For Money

Return Policy

counter height dining bench

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Moriville Counter Height Dining  Bench

This upholstered dining table is perfect for your dining or has natural wood shade.

You can set it with chairs or place it at your entryway. it made of hardwood veneer and cozy polyester.

​This bench boasts cozy during every meal. It is easy and to clean and durable.

​Product Dimensions: 48.5” W x 17” D x 25” H

Comfort: the upholstered fabric makes you feel relaxed whiles enjoying meals or drinks.

Sturdiness: materials are well tested and durable. it's very stable and has a perfect height.

Assembly required: it easy to assemble as it comes with a manual and necessary hardware to make it easy to put it together.



Value For Money

Return Policy

upholstered dining bench

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Tyler Creek Upholstered Dining Room Bench - Two-Tone - Textured Antique Black Finish

Dining with the right bench makes enjoying meals more fun and exciting.

Tyler Creek Upholstered Dining Room Bench will make that excitement happen.

This product made of Oak and acacia wood with antique black is perfect for your kitchen and dining area.

Product Dimensions: 109" W x 50" D x 15.5" H

Comfort: The bench has a good quality cushion to provide you with enough relaxation.

Sturdiness: it very sturdy enough to hold 2-3 adults and 3-4 children without any problems.

Assembly required: it has straight forward and easy instructions to assemble it without any difficulties.



Value For Money

Return Policy

dining bench with two benches

HOMURY 3 Piece Dining Table Set Breakfast Nook Dining Table with Two Benches,Industrial Brown

This modern minimalistic dining table with 2 benches are perfect for your small dining room or small apartment.

It includes 1 table and 2 quality benches. It's built-in a smart and simple way.

The tabletop made of solid wood in grain finish look and heavy-duty metal steel frame, which makes both the benches and the tabletop stable and strong.

The benches can be tucked underneath the table when not in use to save space.

Product Dimensions:
Table: 43.3” L x 27.6” W x 29.5” H
Benches :39.4” L x 10.6” W x 17.7”H.(each)

For small Spaces: this product is designed perfectly for small apartments or small dining rooms or kitchen. It saves space.

Sturdiness: Benches and the tabletop are made of solid wood and metal steel to make it more sturdy and stable.

Assembly required: it doesn't take much time to assemble it. A manual of instruction attached to follow to make it easy.



Value For Money

Return Policy

natural bench

Signature Design by Ashley Sommerford 65" Dining Room Bench

This clean line dining room bench made of reclaimed pined wood will perfectly fit into your dining space.

It has a natural finish. It can be joined with dining chairs.

This dining bench is good for casual seating with family and friends.

They set up to 3 peoples to save enough space. This bench can eliminate dining chairs that would eat up your dining space.

It can also use at entryway furniture.

Product Dimensions: 16.13 D x 64.75 W x 18 H

Sturdiness: it is stable and durable as it made of premium pined wood. It can set with 2-3 adult people without any challenges.

Assembly required: easy to follow instructions are included in the package to assemble it. it is easy to set it up



Value For Money

Return Policy

Why Style Your Dining Room With Benches

While doing a market analysis, you will come across a wide variety of bench designs. It's quite challenging to pick up something when you have plenty of attractive options. You can narrow down the choices by checking your budget range, the size of your dining room, and its existing décor.

It's been a while since I bought an elegant dining table bench set, and exactly that's what I did when I purchased a dining room furniture bench for my home.

A couple of months ago, we renovated our home, and when it came to decoration, everyone suggested me to do that. Well, that's because I've got excellent designing and home décor sense.

I bought a new sofa set to fit in the dining room, wallpaper for one wall, and paintings for the rest. Besides, I bought some dark purple curtains to complement with all the settings.

On one side, I placed our old dining table with six chairs and set several decoration pieces too, but something seemed missing.

That was when I saw a furniture bench add while scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I planned to buy one for my home.

After looking for a while in our town's best furniture shop, a pair of antique styled furniture benches caught my attention at once.

And without a second thought, I bought those two wooden benches for our dining table. They came with comfortable backrests and soft cushioning.

The diamond-shaped button tufting was done very nicely and added to the aura of the bench. After setting that in my dining room, the overall look of the room changed entirely.

Although I bought the bench set to beautify our dining room, it also proved very useful in our weekly friends' gatherings. The dining table now accommodates a total of ten people at a time. It proved to be an excellent purchase, indeed.

Benches add a unique twist in your dining room décor without affecting its elegance. Besides enhancing the look of the room, these interesting pieces of furniture offer lots of benefits. Let us summarize all these benefits in a shortlist for quick reference.

  • Improves interaction: People sit closer on benches than chairs as they offer more intimacy and communication. It is easy to connect while sitting on a dining bench.
  • Minimalistic design: A minimalistic design provides a neat and clean look to the room. In addition, you can move the bench under the dining table when it is not in use to save space.
  • Provides storage space: Benches often have hidden compartments or pull-out shelves to store things. So, they serve both purposes, that is, providing seating capacity and storage area.
  • More seating area: Benches can accommodate more people than chairs, so they are ideal for gatherings where extra seating space is required. A bench can seat an additional two or three people than the chairs that occupy the same floor area.
  • Economical: A dining bench offers excellent value for money and costs less than a number of chairs that cover that area.
  • Versatile: It is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used anywhere in your home or even outdoors. Use a corner-dining bench, a bench with backrest, or a backless one. You can also make a creative seating arrangement by pairing chairs with a bench, or a backless bench with a bench with backrest.
  • Enhances the room décor: Dining room benches come in various styles, and formal benches improve the aesthetics of your dining room and transform its entire look with minimum investment

How To Choose a Perfect Bench For Your Dining Area

If you are planning to buy a dining table set, better go for the one having a bench that is beautiful, sturdy and well-constructed at the same time. Needless to stay, you must be mindful of the size of your room before buying a dining bench.

Dining room benches come in various finishes and styles, and you need to buy one that blends well with your dining room décor.

Plenty of styles and designs are available in the market, so everyone can easily find a bench to match their home interior. There are wooden, metallic, woven, and several other types.

There are different types of wood finishes used in manufacturing benches. You might get confused while choosing the right option for you, but there is a golden rule to follow; always choose solid wood benches if you want to get both quality and durability.

Another thing is the presence of a backrest. Many people prefer having benches with backrest, as they are more comfortable. However, if you prefer a bench with no backrest, you can go for it.

Some benches are padded with cozy cushion seats and attractive button tufting. Several benches have hidden storage compartments for keeping your routine stuff. Hence, besides providing extra seating space and elegance, a dining room bench can also save you from buying additional separate furniture.

It is an excellent idea to add elegance, class, and color to your dining room area with these furniture benches, all at an affordable price.

Still, if you can't find a design that satisfies your imagination, you can always get it customized. However, you need to keep in mind that a custom-made luxurious bench would be quite expensive.

That's an excellent option to go for if you are willing to spend a fortune on your dining room benches to beautify your dining room.

Dining Bench With Backrest

Use a dining bench with a backrest to comfortably and never get a tired back after dining or during a party. It provides more comfort than other unpadded benches that provide no backrests.

A backrest means you can ease down on the bench while reading a book, having a coffee cup, or merely enjoying the fireplace warmth. It can replace a couch or even a sofa.

There are plenty of styles in benches with backrests, and each style works great, but what you will buy depends on your preference and need.

If you want a dining room bench with a formal style, you want a bench with a high back. Formal style benches with high backs usually cover more space and are generally suitable for guest gatherings.

However, if you have limited space in your room, you should not go for a bench with a high back. Go for a low-profile bench that has a low backrest.

A small backrest also suggests that you lie down on the bench just like you do on a couch. Make sure that the backrest is padded with soft material, and the fabric is durable too.

Although benches with have a soft fabric like silk are cozier and tempting, but they have a low score in terms of durability. The stiffer the material is, the more durable it is. So, you must find a sound balance to get both coziness and durability.

backrest bench img

Corner Dining Bench

A dining room is a multi-functional room, primarily being a place to dine. Besides eating, it's a place where you lie down on a couch and watch TV, where your kids play around.

But as your family grows and the furniture increases, you start feeling the room to be too short of space.

You can think of several possible solutions like buying foldable furniture or increasing the size of your living room. The first option will need you to fold and store the furniture regularly, and the second one will be expensive.

So, let us go for a solution that can maximize space without investing effort and lots of money, probably a corner dining bench set!

Dining tables take up about half of your living room's space, and you can try using a corner dining bench rather than the traditional dining set to save that space. Also, the corners of the rooms are often left unused, so placing a corner dining bench there make efficient use of that free space.

Once you set up a corner dining table with benches and dine there, you will feel a unique intimacy and privacy that you don't feel otherwise. So, a corner setting is excellent for having intimate talks that will ultimately strengthen relationships.

Moreover, children often play around in the living room and even around the dining table. It's a great idea to place it in a corner with dining benches and tell them that area is fixed only for eating. You will be able to maintain tidiness, and things will be more organized in this way.

corner bench image

Dining Room Sofa Bench

A dining room sofa bench is an attractive piece of furniture that serves almost the same purpose as a simple dining bench. A plus point is that it provides the softness of the sofa too. You can lie down on the sofa bench to rest or set it with your dining table to accommodate maximum people during parties.

Lie on the comfy sofa bench in your dining room and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you watch TV or scroll your Facebook news-feed. It's an ideal solution to take a little nap after getting tired of doing all your chores. It can serve to be your favorite snoozing spot where you can lie on lazy weekends. Plus, your kids will love to use the cozy sofa bench during their dining time.

A sofa bench gives a more formal look as compared to a simple wooden bench. If you are short on space, go for a sofa bench with hidden shelves to store your stuff. In this way, you won't need to buy separate furniture for storing routine stuff.

Dimensions Of  Table Bench

Before going for a furniture dining bench, you must know your key measurements and how much space you have in your dining room. While checking the length of the bench, be mindful of the number of people you want to accommodate. One more thing is to roughly measure the dining table between the legs so that the bench can slide under the table when not in use.

While placing the bench against a wall, measure the height of its backrest and make sure it is lower than the window, paintings, or paneling.

The standard height for a dining room bench is 18"-20," where height is the distance between the seat and floor. While the standard and comfortable depth of a dining bench go between 15" and 20". A 16" dining bench will fit well with a 28" dining table.

Make sure there is about 48"-50" clearance space between the bench and the room walls or furniture. In this way, you can easily pull out the bench from under the table. In case you are placing the bench against a wall, then 36"-38" space should be left between the wall and the bench.

Go ahead! Give a timeless appeal to your dining room now!