How To Arrange Furniture In The Living Room Dining Room Combo

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How to arrange furniture in the living room dining room combo

Small spaces and floor plans usually make it hard to draw an outline between the living room and dining room. 

The best way is to consolidate the two using some out of the box techniques and tips.

Furniture plays a significant role in the arrangement of a room. By choosing the right furniture, one can make the place look airy and wider.

In addition to this, it helps in making the place attractive and divided without any sort of divider. The key is to keep up a steady style and use furniture and emphasize pieces to characterize zones.

Today, we will focus on different furniture types that we can use in the living room and dining room combo along with the arrangement styles. For the ease of our readers, we have divided the article into the following sections:

Living room furniture styles in the living room and dining room combo

Following is a list of furniture styles for living room part that look perfect in the living room and dining room combo:


Sofa or a couch can easily provide seating for two to three people along with the armrest. It is very comfortable to sit due to its soft fabric, cushions, and springs that are fitted inside the sofa.

It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can always go for the one that looks perfect according to your area and interior.

livinfg room dining room combo

Accent chairs

If you have a particular color scheme for your living room, then accent chairs can add a light to your area. It is usually meant for complementing the décor and has a comfortable seat.

It comes in a variety of shades so that you can always choose the same shade as of your interior, or you can choose a bold shade to compliment your interior.

accent chair

Love seats

You might think that what is so special on this sofa is called a love seat. Well, it is designed in a way to give privacy to the seating couples without compromising the decency.

It is a perfect seat that you can place in your living room so that the couples can sit comfortably without getting worried about their privacy and decency.


Recliners are the best choice for people with the back issue or people that don’t sit for too long.

If you have any such person in your home, then you can always choose a recliner sofa for your living room so that he can bend the back of the sofa whenever needed without getting worried about looking odd.

It also compliments the living room and dining room combo.

Ottoman chairs

When your home has a living room and dining room combo, and you are looking for the best furniture to complement the area, then the ottoman chairs can play a significant role.

They not only cover the minimum space but look incredible, and you can always use that as a stool when you need some extra seating area at the dining room part.


Chaises are a great option to consider when you prefer comfort over everything else. These are one of the most comfortable seating plans where you can sit upright but can stretch out for relaxing.

If you use the living room for the maximum purpose like reading books or napping, then chaises can be the perfect option to consider.


While talking about the living room and dining room combo, our main focus will be around the maximum seating area along with some tables so that when there’s a huge crowd at your place, you can assemble them all using your perfect seating plan.

Benches are the perfect example of such a seating plan.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are the best way to serve your guests other than the dining room. In addition to this, if any of your family members find it difficult to sit on a dining chair, then you can use the coffee table to serve him near you in the living area while having dinner. Also, coffee tables don’t accumulate much space.

Dining Room Furniture Styles In Living Room Dining Room Combo

Following is a list of furniture styles for dining room part that looks perfect in the living room dining room combo:

Dining table in round, square, or rectangular shape

Typically, dining tables come in three different shapes; circular, rectangular, and square. You can choose one of these three according to the area.

If you have a large area for the dining room in the living room and dining room combo, then you can always go with the rectangular one. Else, you have to stick to the square or round dining table.


The most important factor while buying the dining room furniture that usually people overlook is the armchairs. We think that what’s the purpose of an armchair while sitting around a table for having a meal, but the fact is it has a major impact.

Armchairs can let you eat and sit more comfortably than the other chairs around a dining table.

Side chairs

If you have a smaller dining area, and by placing the armchairs around a dining table, your area looks congested, then the best option is to use side chairs. These chairs have no armrest and can help your dining area look casual. These chairs are comfortable for sitting while having your meal.


Sideboards are a kind of small cupboards with a usually flat top and are useful for holding the crockery in the dining area. These kinds of cupboards have drawers too for holding the table linen and is a perfect way to assemble your area with the maximum furniture by holding the crockery and other stuff.

You can choose from a variety of sizes available in the market that looks perfect according to your area and interior. Typically, these small cupboards or sideboards are made of wood, but you can also choose some other option available in the market.

Console tables

Console tables are typically used to place accessories like lamps, sculptures, and other such items for complementing the interior of your dining space in the living room and dining room combo. However, many people use them to hold some other stuff like sweet dishes after a meal.

Counter stools

Counter stools are a perfect option for people who have a small area, and they want to maximize the seating arrangement. These stools will not take much area of your dining room but have the capacity to assemble the maximum people during a dinner or a lunch party.


Showcase is another form of sideboards. It usually has a slightly bigger structure than the sideboards and has a glass front so that the crockery is visible. People usually use it as a compliment to their dining area, and all of their functions involve holding and assembling of crockery.

Ways To Arrange Furniture In The Living Room & Dining Room Combo

Before jumping straight into the arrangements, let us focus on some important factors in a living room and dining room combo. The firs factor our space or the area.

As the latest trends involve small houses, there must be some sharp decisions to maximize the utilization of smaller areas. The first option is to divide the area into halves. It means, uses some tricks to make a clear distinction between the living room and dining room.

You can do these using rugs. By carpeting the whole living room area, you can see clearly distinguish it from the dining area. Another factor is using the best color combinations that make the area look wider.

 Following are the furniture arrangement ideas for living room and dining room combo:

Define the functional space

In a dining room and living room combo, there are no walls for the partition. It means you have to use the floor for efficiently spacing your area. In addition to this, when you put the whole furniture with one wall, it makes your area look congested and smaller.

Therefore, the best way is to bring furniture inward. You can do this by placing an armchair along with the coffee table as a centerpiece for the living room or a couch facing opposite to the dining area along with the sofa table behind it.

Maximize the seating plan

If you have a small area for your living room and dining room combo, that certainly not mean that you have to go for a small style. Instead, be bold and choose something different that can make your area look wider.

You can do this by focusing on the seating arrangement and try to maximize the seating plan using small chairs or stools so that the maximum number of people can incorporate in your small area.


The living room and dining room combo area must be handle wisely to make the area look presentable, and the most important factor in this is the furniture that you choose.