Top 5 Black Leather Living Room Furniture That Will Provide Modern Decoration Style In  Your Small Living Room

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black leather living room furniture

The living room is the most used space in every home. This is where you usually spend time as you watch TV, see to your visitors and generally while away time whenever you deem fit.

It is therefore necessary that you invest in the beauty and general appearance of the place and this should be done meticulously.

While at it you can consider going in for black leather living room furniture.

Bear in mind that just like wallpapers and décor, your choice of furniture has the power to add a spark to how well your living room looks and make it the haven you so desire.

Black Leather Sofas Comparison Table

Product Name


Leather Type



Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather Chair, 39"W, Charcoal

Stone & Beam


Mid-Century Retro Modern Living Room Sofa Set with Loveseat and Seating Sofa Chair, Couch and Lounge Chairs



Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Leather Sofa with Tapered Wood Legs, 87"W, Black



Best Choice Products Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa Couch Set w/Chaise Lounge, Ottoman Coffee Table Bench, Black

Best choice

Faux Leather

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Leather L-Shape Couch with Modern Faux Leather Sectional for Small Space Apartment Black


Faux Leather

upholstery Black Leather Sofa Reviews & Descriptions

black leather sofa chair

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather Chair, 39"W, Charcoal

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Charles Classic Oversized Leather Chair, 39"W, Charcoal

This large seat made with top-grain leather, sturdy hardwood frame, which will last for a long period.

It is also pet friendly, easy to clean with just a dry cloth. The leather is thick and modern.

It measures: 39"L x 39"W x 38"H. The depth of the leather sofa seat is 23 inches.

The frame is firm enough to support anyone.



Value For Money

Return Policy

black leather loveseat sofa

Mid-Century Retro Modern Living Room Sofa Set with Loveseat and Seating Sofa Chair, Couch and Lounge Chairs

This sofa set provides an intimacy, cozy and at the same time comfort whiles watching TV, it will perfectly fit your small place without any difficulties.

It made of black Faux leather with wooden leg, easy to clean also.

It is perfect for home and office.

Product Dimensions:
Loveseat Size:50.98" L x 27.3" W x 33.6" H, Seat:48.4" W x 18.3" D
Chair Size: 26" L x 27.3 W x 33.6" H, Seat: 24.4" W x 18.3" D

Comfort: it has a thick sponge cushion with high strength spring and the backrest with sufficient density sponge to provide you with enough relaxation to sit for a long time.

Sturdiness: This product has a solid wood frame and rubberwood chair legs, which are durable and sturdy.

Assembly required: It is easy to assemble. It comes with detailed instructions to follow to put together without difficulties.



Value For Money

Return Policy

,mid-century black leather sofa with tapered wood legs

Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Leather Sofa with Tapered Wood Legs, 87"W, Black

This product made a solid hardwood frame with leather.

It's very comfortable and more relaxing, it has sturdy padding to seat two people with an armrest. It has reversible and removable back cushions.

If you need extra space for your living room, then this sofa will be perfect for you .

it modern style makes it inevitable in any living room. It is easy to clean since it made of quality leather.

Product Dimensions: 87" W x 36" D x 30" H

Sturdiness: it very durable and has tapered wood legs to provide additional support and stability.

For a small place: it is firm and small to fit in smaller rooms or apartments.

Comfort: the foam padding of the seat and the reversible back cushions provides comfort and relaxation.

Support: the back cushions offer back support. The sofa has a center support leg, which makes the legs five in total.

Assembly required: easy to assemble as it the package includes instructions to follow without difficulties. It might take you 15 minutes or less to set it up it.



Value For Money

Return Policy

faux black leather sofa

Best Choice Products Tufted Faux Leather 3-Seat L-Shape Sectional Sofa Couch Set w/Chaise Lounge, Ottoman Coffee Table Bench, Black

Just chill and relaxes with this beautiful versatile designed sectional sofa.

This modern L- shaped sofa faux leather includes a matching ottoman bench to hold your feet for relaxation.

The ottoman can be attached against the sofa to provide a large chaise lounger.

This sectional sofa is perfect for any living room.

It can convert to bed by pushing the ottoman against the sofa to create a comfortable bed for your overnight guest.

It is easy to clean and hard to stain.

Product Dimensions: 84.25" L x 56" W x 33" H

Sturdiness: it is durably constructed and can hold up to 600 lbs.

Comfort: with soft ottoman cushions and flexible faux leather makes it comfortable and endless seating options.

Assembly required: a manual of instructions is attached to make it simple to assemble it without challenges.



Value For Money

Return Policy

convertible black leather sofa

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Leather L-Shape Couch with Modern Faux Leather Sectional for Small Space Apartment Black

Looking for a sofa that will suit your small apartment or small living room?.

This sectional sofa couch is the best for you. It made of solid wood and faux leather.

This sofa is convertible,it has a reversible chaise lounge that you can change it to a position you prefer.

It has soft and wipe-able leather, which you easily clean with a dry cloth.

Comfort: This sofa let you enjoy soft and firm cushioned with high-density foam for relaxing.

Sturdiness: it has a sturdy solid wood frame, that can hold up to 660 lbs.

For small space: it designed to fit into small places or small apartment to provide you with comfort.

Assembly Required: easy to put it together. It includes a manual of instruction to assemble it without problems.



Value For Money

Return Policy

5 Reasons To Have Black Leather Furniture For Your Home

It sometimes becomes wearisome to continuously bear the feeling of using a living room with the same look over a long period of time.

Should you begin to get this feeling, do not hesitate to add a few touches to the guise of your living room.However, this activity does not demand that you assiduously strip the room of all furniture and décor equipment or even change the living room paint.

Perhaps all you need is one simple thing to add that beauty touch and that is nothing but a genuine black leather furniture.


The color of your furniture choice is an important factor you should probably take a second look at. Variety they say is the spice of life; colors equally have the potency to add a beauty glow wherever they find themselves.

The neutrality of the color black gives it an extraordinary ability to blend with other colors beautifully.

Consequently, regardless of the color of your living room, that of the floor rag or art pieces dotted around the room, purchasing a black leather furniture will never be a vain choice since it will gracefully accentuate the color of each element in the room, syncing in perfect harmony.

Easy to clean

Ever wondered why we have to frequently do the laundry instead of just wearing disposable clothes?

It is mind-boggling, probably because it is quite a laborious task even though it is necessary to prevent the act of having to repeat dirty clothes.

Unfortunately, unlike clothes, furniture cannot be washed should they become dirty from excessive use or just from gathering dust over time.

It is not appealing in the least to recline on an unclean sectional sofa, arm chair, window seat or any other type of furniture.

It is for this reason that a black leather furniture in all of its strong and handsome glory becomes the perfect choice.

Due to the impermeability of the leather covering, irrespective of the amount of dust it gathers, a few swipes of the cleaning rag can easily do the magic leaving your furniture sparkling and as good as new.


Other than being easy to clean, a black leather furniture, unlike other furniture types, are highly stain-resistant due to the smooth grain texture of the leather.

Getting one for your living room will save you the stress of spending minutes or even hours getting rid of stubborn stains like chocolate syrup stains, hot sauce stains, wine stains, ink stains, just to mention a few. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Quality and Longevity

Taking also into consideration the fabric, foam type, frame and joint types, the black leather furniture has earned a place in the family of long-lasting and durable furniture.

People have the notion that quality items are extremely expensive, however regardless of how 100% quality the black leather furniture is, it is very affordable hence making way for your dream of giving your living room that beauty glow come true.


Standing tall among the black leather furniture’s many attributes is the beauty factor. Black is known to be a color that exudes power, strength, elegance and sophistication and so complements the beauty of the furniture.

Consequently, it effortlessly boosts the general look of your living room and surrounds whoever enters the room with an inexplicable feeling of comfort.

Do not be surprised to have your friends and neighbors stopping by your house more frequently than usual after purchasing a black leather furniture sets.

How to Decorate Living Room With Black Leather Furniture

Black color is neural,it can go with any color but if you want your black leather furniture to stand out in your room then you might consider this

Use white and black art print to make the room welcoming on the wall. Place white or cream small pillows on it.

You can make the flooring area white or gray. You can also attach your furniture with a black or white coffee table. 

Make sure white shade color on the wall is dominant than the black because you don’t want your living room to be too dark.

black sofa

Black Faux Leather Living Room Set

Faux leather is a name giving to artificial or synthetic leather. There are two types of faux leather, which are polyurethane (PU) leather and polymerizing vinyl chloride(PVC).

polyurethane (PU)

PU is made of cotton, polyester, or bonded leather which made up of shredded leather mixed with polyurethane, which is treated to look like animal conceal.

Generally, PU leather has the same texture as the animal skin, which is genuine leather.

Their end product is a more realistic imitation of the real or genuine leather, with their appearance and feels.

when it is attached to a piece of furniture, it remains soft with no peeling or cracking. it is also less difficult to enhance design on them.

polymerizing vinyl chloride(PVC)

PVC leather, sometimes called Vinyl, is also a type of faux leather that is made from fabric leather backing, the skin layer, and plastic-based surface coating.

Modern Black Leather Sectional Living Room Furniture

Looking for extra seats in your living room but, you don’t have enough space to offer a couch?

if yes, then considering getting a simple sectional leather sofa. It is the only solution to fill out all the empty corners and to provide you enough seater without buying a couch.

Just take a good close at your living room now and if it doesn’t need an upgrade of sectional furniture? Sectional sofa comes with different shapes and sizes.

It starts from a two-seater to even 6- seater, it can accommodate quite a large number of family depending on the size you choose, there are two style types of sectional sofa shape.

  • U- shape
  • L-shape

Buying luxury sectional sofa is quite expensive, so you would take your time to buy the one with a quality leather, make sure that you get the value of your money.

 The modern sectional sofa looks great in the living room can be arranged or rearrange to suit your seating style and sleeping needs. Some sectional sofas provide some sections to your sleeping needs.

FAQs On Black Leather Furniture

What wall color look best with black leather furniture?

when it comes to selecting best wall color  for black leather furniture it becomes hard to choose, the worse thing is that if you choose wrong wall color, your furniture will not standout for you to see how beautiful your black furniture should be.

From an expert interior designer, the best color that works well is gray or white but you can opt for Tan. Tan is another attractive on walls around black leather furniture.

What color rug goes with black furniture?

Rug also plays vital role when decorating you living room.

mostly people base on the size and the design to buy which is a good consideration to buy a rug but what you should really take it serious is to consider the color of your living room furniture.

Example if you are having a sofa chair with a black leather you have to go in for bold or bright colors such as red.

Color red is a type of color that works well along with black furniture. they produce a nice contrast against dark colors. it also adds vibrancy to it.

 How do you clean a black leather couch?

Leather sofas are very expensive and luxurious so it needs to be carefully look after them to keep in shape for the long run.

it is sometimes hard to clean leather couch at home as you can't just use water and a piece of cloth to wipe it.

The following tips discussed might be a great help and advantageous for you.

Using soft brush

 Using the soft brush attachment vacuum to clean the couch or sofa is one of the best to remove all dirt that could be rubbed into the sofa causing damage to the leather when it comes contact with moisture.

Also remove any debris from the sofa, debris can cause scratch to the leather so you need to be careful.

Use microfiber duster

The next step is to use any microfiber duster and slightly dust the surface of the leather.

you can even use the vacuum brush tool as it has soft bristles which are less likely to scratch the leather.

Mix water and white vinegar

 Mix equal amount of water and white vinegar after that dip smooth cloth in it, squeeze out the excess liquid so that the cloth will not wet completely.

Wipe the entire couch

Now use the wet cloth to wipe the entire area of the couch where necessary while rinsing in the clean solution.

How do I distinguish between a high quality leather sofa and a low quality leather sofa?

To distinguish between a high quality leather sofa and a low quality sofa you need to first identify weather that leather is genuine or not.

For a layman like you and me it will be really difficult figure it out. but there are some ways we can do this.

Smell and texture

You can distinguish them by their smell and texture. Normally when rubbing with your hand it feels soft and warm.


The genuine leather has a special pattern, produce by the vents on its top. some of this pores have hair holes whiles the artificial wouldn’t have


Burning a piece of each leather, both produce different smells.

The real leather smells like a burning chair as it made of living or natural things whiles the artificial smells like burning plastic as it's made of polymer chemicals.


Also check of the sofa's leather grain if is uniform everywhere then probably is not real but if it has a random grain and no uniformity then it is a real.

Can you treat a black leather sofa with shoe polish?

Hell no! deciding to use black polish to treat black leather then you have to take it into mind that you not going to sit on it again or you going to wear black cloths every time you decide to sit on it.

Through our experiment and experience, we found out that using shoe polish to treat black leather sofa will results rubbing off the textiles, especially if the leather get contact with body heat from friends and family who will be sitting on the sofa as time goes go on.

I will advise you not to use polish. Instead of using shoe polish you can use black leather conditioner or cleaner.


Trust me, nothing can replace a comfortable living room space where you can loll about and have your visitors feeling at home whenever they stop by the house.

This achievement does not require any tedious work, all you need to is to get yourself a modern black leather furniture and by so doing, you automatically wave a magic wand over the look of your living room and so brace yourself for the most beautiful look to ever grace your living room after purchasing this furniture.