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 how to mix and match furniture for living room

The living room is the area of a house where we spend the maximum time of the day. In addition to its comfort, there must be some eye-catching styles.

Therefore, the mix and match technique for furniture works best when it’s about styling your living room in the best way possible.

we will focus on some styling techniques and ideas related to our living room furniture. It majorly includes how to mix and match furniture for living room room.

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Living Room Furnishing

Shifting into a new house is no longer a dream when you realize that you have to design the entire on your own. Other than the bedrooms, the most crucial area of the house is the living room.

This area is visible to almost every person who visits you and is the first impression of your taste. Therefore, you have to focus on many things when you’re furnishing your living room.

Thanks to the new concept of mix and match furniture, you can now style the entire area with a variety of furniture pieces without hesitating about how they look together.

This new trend has made life easy for many people, allows them to do the experiments with their furniture, and gives their home a new and fresh look.

12 Things To Consider While Mixing And Matching Furniture For Living Room

Although the mix and match techniques can encompass almost every type of furniture, there are some key factors that you must keep in mind to give your home a new and attractive look. Following are the key factors to consider

#1.Make a plan

One of the most important things before furnishing and styling your living room is planning. Usually, people choose the color scheme or piece of furniture they like without realizing that it will look good in that area.

Therefore, the first thing is to make a plan by understanding the size and color scheme of your area and then adjusting the furniture that looks attractive to the interior.

In addition to this, if you want to add a popping color to your area, then make sure its ratio must not be greater than 20%, and the other 80% will be the soft colors to balance the area.

#2.Focus on shades

Another very important factor is the color scheme of your living room. The most common mistake while choosing a color scheme is to choose only one dark shade for the whole area. Instead of looking attractive, your area will start looking like a mess.

Therefore, always focus on two or three colors, and make sure they must be in contrast with each other. If you want to add a color that has a very light shade like beige or baby pink, then choose a darker shade for anyone wall to balance the area perfectly.

#3.Focus on patterns

Other than color schemes, a new trendy thing is patterns. However, people tend to create many patterns in the small area, and instead of making it attractive, it ended up as a mess.

Therefore, you must have the idea in your mind about the area where you want patterns, and then make sure these patterns must not be overdoing. 

The best way is to choose a smaller area for patterns, and then leave the side walls blank so that it will look neat. Other than that, you can also try some big pattern styles on a large wall to give it a classy look.

#4.Focus on the shapes

Usually, we think that only similar pieces of furniture will look attractive together. However, in the new concept of mix and match furniture, one trendy thing is to focus on the shapes instead of the designs.

It is the best way to use your old set of furniture that you haven’t used in your new living area because it doesn’t have the same texture as other parts of furniture. One of the best examples of this kind of furniture set is multiple chairs.

You can place different chairs in one area without focusing on their designs, and it will look classy.

#5.Combine unrelated pieces

Most of the furniture pieces in our home that we consider as waste can give our living room a new and attractive look.

It means, if you have a chair in your house that doesn’t match the sofa of your living room but has the same antique look as the sofa, then you can place both together to give your area a new and attractive look.

The concept behind this mix and match technique is to utilize different pieces of furniture in a way that they complement each other and make your place attractive and classy.

#6.Focus on the size of area and furniture

One of the most common mistakes that we make is to buy a piece of furniture that is too big or too small for our area. The only reason behind this mistake is the lack of planning.

Although we can mix and match multiple sizes and styles of furniture, they should look elegant with your interior. A piece of furniture that is giant with respect to a small living room will never look attractive, no matter how many other pieces we have combined with it.

Therefore, always focus on the size of your area and furniture before picking it up.

#7.Pick a unique theme

Almost all of us think of choosing a unique theme when it comes to styling your area, but due to many factors like budget, we often have to neglect that option.

The reason is, we pick the themes that are super expensive to build, and we think that only expensive themes can make our area look attractive. However, it’s not the case.

You can always pick a simple theme, and add some unique pieces of furniture to it with the beautiful wall colors to boost your area.

#8.Create a balance

Just as balance is necessary for every field of life, it has a significant value in styling your living room too. Balance is not only concerned with the wall paints or textures.

In addition to them, it includes the type and size of the furniture. It means one should always pick the furniture that looks attractive with the interior and must make a comfortable environment.

If you are willing to add some popping color sofa to your living room, then make sure to balance it with neutral shade furniture.

#9.Give the classic style a sense of modernism

You must have gone through many people’s houses who have recreated the look of an antique or classic museum or other such areas in their living rooms.

However, in the new technique of mixing and matching, you can choose a classic or antique interior, and then make it attractive by adding a sense of modernism to it.

For instance, if you like the interior of an old coffee shop, you can add some popping shades to give it a modern touch.

#10.Mix and match wooden pieces

There are many types of wooden furniture available in the homes that we usually take for granted. However, you can always mix and match multiple wooden pieces of furniture to give your place a new look without changing their shades or styles.

You just have to polish the old wooden furniture and add it to your new living area to get that classic look, which is very attractive to look at.

For instance, you can place the old sitting stools with a small table at any corner of your living room to look at an old coffee shop.

#11.Mix and match two entirely different styles

You can make your living room attractive by mixing and matching two entirely different styles. It means you can give you an old sitting sofa a new look by adding some popping shades of cushions to it.

In addition to this, you can also give your old tables a modern touch with the glass top sheet and some vases. It is economical, and at the same time it will make your place more attractive and classy as compared to the common one-style.

#12.Divide the place into two halves

If you have a large area of your living room then you can always get benefit from it. You can divide a large area into two or three halves and decorate and furnish every area different from others.

For instance, one area can be the old house sitting area while the other is a modern coffee shop. You can combine two or three different ideas to make your place look classy and attractive. This new mix and match technique have so many options to try and is very economical.


Using this mix and match technique, we can transform our living room into some modern area without putting much effort and money.