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Most of us usually think that we don't have much time to organize our office. However, the cost that we pay for disorganization is much more than our thinking.

The best office desk with filing cabinet can help you to organize your workspace.

The purpose of an office with that has an associated file cabinet can help you to organize your bundle of files that usually create a mess on your office desks.

An arranged and organized desktop surface will save your time in finding files, and thus will increase your productivity.

In simple words, an organized office will be more effective than an unorganized one.

Products Comparison Table

Product Name




office desk with 2 drawers

Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk​​​​

Bush Furniture


Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk​​​​

Monarch Specialties

office cabinet

Lorell File Cabinet


minimalist_office desk

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk with File Cabinet

Monarch Specialties

brown office desk_00

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk


Office Desk With Filling Cabinet Furniture Reviews & Descriptions 

office desk with 2 drawers

Cabot L Shaped Computer Desk

Searching for a simpler office desk with filing cabinet? if yes then this carbot L shaped computer desk will provide you with simple and neat large workspace for office works or home office works.

It has been integrated with 4 USB hub that will allow you to connect your devices with comes with drawers that will also allow you to store your letter, legal files, and other A4 size files.

It also has a storage cabinet styled with a glass door that makes elegant and classic.It was designed technologically for your convenience.

Product Dimensions: 59.45" x 59.45" x 30"

Legroom: This product provide enough space for your legs to move freely and relaxed without feeling any stress.

Assemble: Assemble is required, it comes with a manual for smooth and easy assembling.

It doesn't take much time to assemble because the instructions are very easy to follow for assembling

Sturdiness: the product is very solid to hold computer's and other office stuffs.

Durability: It made of engineered wood which is designed for long- term durability and also resistance to cracking.

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Value for Money

Return Policy


Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Corner Desk

This product provides space storage for your home office. It provides space for office supplies, picture frames, computers, etc.

This product includes two drawers and one cabinet for office stuffs.

All the drawers roll out smoothly to easily get access to your files.

The desk can be reversed so you can sit any side you want . The shelves can be adjusted too.

Product dimensions: 60" x 47" x 30"

Sturdiness: The desk is very sturdy since it made of heavy material.

Leg room: This product provides enough space underneath the desk for easy movement of the legs without any difficulties.

Assemble: It is easy to assemble as it comes with an easy and quick manual to direct you to assemble without any challenges.

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Value for Money

Return Policy

office cabinet

Lorell File Cabinet

Tired of messing up with files on your office desk, This file cabinet is perfect for storing your important documents at homes and offices.

It has two file drawers that can be locked, so it very safe for storing your documents.

It also have four wheels which allow you to move it to where ever you need it. The pull handle made for easy opening and closing.

Material: It's made of steel which can last for a very long time.

Product Dimensions:  it measures 25.5" H x 14.3" W x 18" D

Light weight: It very light in weight which makes it very easy to rolls.

Assemble: It easy to assemble, all you need to do is to screw on the wheels and the handle in the holes which has already been provided

Durability: This product is made of high quality steel which makes it hard to wear

Sturdiness: This product is fairly sturdy it can even hold some printers on top of it

Maneuverability: this product is fairly sturdy it can even hold some printers on top



Value for Money

Return Policy

brown office desk_00

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

Do you want to add some an outstanding look to your office?

Suade office desk is here to serve you. It has a spacious top for your office work and your office essentials such as laptop, desktop, papers, and coffee cup.

It has a flip-down molding that glides out keyboard and mouse shelf.

It also features two drawers that roll out smoothly to easily get access to your files. The lower drawer can hold letter and legal hanging files.

It also has a storage area with an adjustable shelf which can hold a vertical CPU tower.

It is very nice looking and durable with smooth texture.

Product Dimensions: 59.06" L x 23.23 " W x 29.02" H

Material: This product is made of engineered  wood.

Storage Capacity: The drawer unit is perfect, they can store most of the things you need. 

Sturdiness:This product is made of engineered wood but it's sturdy enough to hold most of your office stuffs without any issues.

Assemble: This product comes with instructions which are very easy and straight forward to assemble without any difficulties.

Consider to check it out now before it will be sold out!!



Value for Money

Return Policy

minimalist_office desk

Monarch Specialties Computer Desk with File Cabinet

You having a small home office or you have a small working office and need an office desk with a file cabinet that will provide you with extra space?

This minimalist office desk with a file cabinet is your only option. It is designed in a modern way to provide you with enough space for your laptop or desktop, printers, family and other office essentials.

It features with two drawers and one filing cabinet for your office legal documents or file storage. It can be set up left or right side for your convenience.

The drawer and the cabinet are on  glides for smooth open and close. The surface is easy to clean.

Product  Dimensions: 47.25" L x 23.75" W x 30" H.

Leg Room: This product provides ample legroom for easy movement of the leg in a relaxed way.

Sturdiness: The driftwood makes it sturdy, durable, and also supported by metal frames.

Assemble: The product comes with a manual with instructions for you to assemble it. it very easy and it doesn't take much time to put it together.



Value for Money

Return Policy

Some Organizing Tips For Your Office

Following are some common organizing tips for your office:

  • The first thing to start with is, organize your papers in your office. One of the best ways to organize your papers in an office is to use office desks with file cabinets. The benefit of organizing the papers in your office is that you will not waste your time finding the document you need.  Also, most of the time, you need a document quickly for some project or an urgent meeting, and due to the piles of paper on your office desk, you cannot find your required document. You can get rid of all these issues by just having a filing cabinet along with your office desk and some modern furniture's.
  • After you have piled up your documents, the next step is to clear your office desk with other things that you need occasionally. For instance, most of the time, your office desk is filled with pencils, pens, and erasers that you don't use regularly.     These kinds of things and stationery items will take most of the space on your office desk, and you will find difficulty in finding the item that you require. Therefore, the best way is to use stationery boxes, or other such things to organize everything, and then you can place those boxes in the filing cabinets to clear your desk from junk.
  • Now when you are done cleaning up the top space of your office desk, the next thing you have to focus on cleaning and organizing is drawers. Open up your table drawers one by one and bring out all the things in them. You have to put them back in a way that the things that you use the most should be kept on the uppermost drawers. Keep on repeating the process with all the things until you place back all the important things into the table drawers. You will notice that there will be many things that you don't use at all. You can dispose of them off for a cleaner and wider drawer space.
  • The last part is about regular cleanups. We mostly do cleaning at the end of the weeks or months, and in between those times, we leave our place the way it is, untidy. The key to a clean office desk space is to do a quick clean up every day. You can do a quick clean up whenever you are leaving the office. This quick cleanup includes the arrangement of all documents, disposal of waste, and arrangement of the things in the desk drawers.

The above-mentioned quick steps will keep your office desk organized and clean, and it will show you the importance of using an office desk with a filing cabinet.

Types Of Office Desks With Filing Cabinets

Office desks with the filing cabinets come in a variety of shapes and organizations. Following are the different types of office desks with filing cabinets:

  • Horizontal filing cabinets
  • Vertical filing cabinets
  • Open shelf filing cabinets
  • Lateral filing cabinets
  • Desk with hanging file drawer
  • Modern desk with filing cabinet
  • Writing desk with file cabinet
  • Desk with locking file cabinet

Horizontal filing cabinets

Horizontal filing cabinets are easiest to operate and handle all of your documents in an organized way. These filing cabinets are very cost-effective, and they come in different designs.

You can organize your documents and accessories in the horizontal cabinets in an organized way, which means that the drawers are wide enough to hold all the things the way they are.

It means you don't have to fold the documents to place in the horizontal file cabinets; instead, you can place them as they are.

Also, you can place your accessories in drawers without getting worried about less space.

Vertical filing cabinets

Most people think that these types of filing cabinets are hard to use because they have less space in them. It is a wrong perception. Anyone can use these vertical filing cabinets to organize as many documents as he wants.

The best part is, you can place them in small offices too because they take less space as compared to horizontal cabinets. Also, they are the most commonly used filing cabinets type in the offices or workplaces.

They have a much wider space to hold all the documents and accessories that you have. They have different designs and colors so that you can buy the one that looks good with your office interior.

Open shelf filing cabinets

Open shelf filing cabinets are easiest to use as compared to the other types of filing cabinets. The reason is, the user has to place all the documents and files on the open area of the shelf, and he can place as many files as he wants to in any order of his choice.

You don't have to find the files in different portions when you need them. Instead, you can just pick up the files from the open shelf and use them straight away.

However, you must only buy these types of filing cabinets when you have a large office space because it doesn't work well with the small space offices.

Lateral filing cabinets

These cabinets come in a variety of widths and heights. The best part about these cabinets is, you place your documents in a horizontal direction with an index strip over it.

The benefit of applying an index strip is, you can easily grab the file that you need by just having a look at the drawer.

It is very convenient to use, and it has a very attractive look that will add a sense of modernism in your office.

The benefits of lateral filing cabinets include:

  • Every document that you place in the drawer has an index strip on it. It means you can easily access the document that you need.
  • The length and width of the shelves are different for your convenience. It means you can easily choose the one that fits perfectly with your space and office.
  • They have a scope of expansion due to their latest designs and variety of sized.
  • These types of filing cabinets are adjustable even in smaller offices.

Desk With Hanging File Drawer

Desk with a hanging file drawer is a unique type of desk. In this type of file drawer, the user can hang his related documents in the cabinet of the table.

You must be wondering that how can someone hang his documents in a drawer. Well, the technology of this type of filing cabinets includes the type of hanger that is placed inside the drawer.

When the user wants to place his document in the cabinet, he uses that hanger to hand his file.

The benefit of using this type of drawer is, you don't have to surf your time in finding your required file. Rather, you can just pick up by looking at the index number on every hanging file. Also, it has a huge space to organize many files.

Modern Desk With Filing Cabinet

When we started to design our office, we usually forget to add the proper storage area to handle all the accessories and documents.

It is the reason behind the messy and untidy work area. To cope up with this issue, a modern desk with filing cabinets is introduced.

The reason behind their origin is to spare a stylish place for holding files without disturbing the interior design of our area.

These types of filing cabinets come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. One can choose the one that is most suitable for your office interior. Following are some generic types of these filing cabinets:

  • Wooden filing cabinets
  • Metal filing cabinets
  • Different sizes of filing cabinets
  • Different colors of filing cabinets

Wooden filing cabinets

Modern filing cabinets have a very attractive and evergreen type that is wooden filing cabinets. These types of cabinets look perfect with every type of office interior, and they look attractive and unique due to their wooden surface.

Metal filing cabinets

Other than wooden filing cabinets, another type of modern filing cabinets includes metal filing cabinets. These are usually used by offices that's an ultimate preference in durability.

Different sizes of filing cabinets

When you plan to add a filing cabinet in your office, the first thing that comes in your mind is its size. The modern filing cabinets come in a variety of sizes so that it will be easy for the user to choose the one he prefers.

Different colors of filing cabinets

Just like different styles and sizes of filing cabinets, colors matter too. It means the modern filing cabinets allow the users to choose the color of the table that fits perfectly with their office interior.

Writing Desk With File Cabinet

Writing desks have significant use in every office because they are used for most office work. The main issue while using them is to organize the documents while writing.

It the main purpose behind the invention of the writing desk with a file cabinet. There are different types of writing desks that have a file cabinet with them. Following is a list:

  • Traditional writing desk
  • Contemporary writing desk
  • Country style writing desk

Traditional writing desk

Traditional writing desks are usually made of wood, and they have two to three file cabinets attached to them. They are most commonly used in different offices.

Contemporary writing desk

Contemporary writing desks with file cabinets are slightly different from the traditional ones because of the presence of some attractive styles and lines on their top. They are mostly a part of those offices that pay significant attention to their interior.

Country style writing desk

If you are a person who likes to have the type of furniture in your office that has a more classic appearance, then you should go for country style writing desks. These types of desks come with file drawers and are used in many offices.

Desk With Locking File Cabinet

Desks with locking file cabinet are a great way of securing your files. If you want to keep your documents away from unwanted access, then locking file cabinets work best for your office.

However, many people think that there is only a specific type of locking file tables available in the market, and placing them in their office will ruin their interior. It is not the case.

A locking drawer comes on different types of office desks. For instance:

  • Office table with locking drawer
  • Computer table with locking drawer

Office table with locking drawer

When you want to buy a writing table for your office, it is better to go for the one that has locking file cabinets.

The reason is, when you are doing your work, you are using different file documents that should not be accessed by other persons. In a locking drawer table, you can save your documents.

Computer table with locking drawer

Just like the writing-table, there are many computer tables available with locking drawers, which you buy for your office. They have a variety of styles and colors.


Office desk with filing cabinet is a very useful table. Every office owner should buy it for organizing his office and for giving it a graceful look.